NAME                                        WHERE FOUND
Adonien                                   Gloria Penning Old World Treasures
Anemone/Sunbeam             Workbasket Sept 1960        Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace III
Angels Wing/Butterfly          Women's Home Companion Leaflet  Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace II
Austrian                                        Coats Sewing Group Knitted Lace # 1230   1976
Austrian Alps                              My Own Design
Azalea                                          Marianne Kinzel 1st Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Begonia in a Circle                    My design from G-P Schelle
Begonia/Dehlia                              McCall's Designs Vol 29  Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace II
Big Wheel Crochet          
Broken Hearts                    Coats Sewing Group Knitted Lace # 1230   1976
Cactus                              Rachel Schnelling Art of Lace Knitting # 4 1957
CandleGlow                    Can't find pattern, My own design
Carol                                        German Pattern, can't find
Chevrons & Diamonds          Rachel Schnelling Art of Lace Knitting # 6 1971
Colonial Bouquet                    Workbasket August 1956
Cornet                                        Marianne Kinzel 1st Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Country Pride                              J.P. Coats
Crocus                                        My Own Design
Cross My Heart                    Diana 995-42
Crown of Flowers                    Rachel Schnelling
Daffodil                                        Marianne Kinzel 2nd Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Daisy Darling                              Diana 554
Daisy in a Fence                    Rachel Schnelling Art of Lace Knitting # 2 1955
Daisy May                              Can't find
Dakota Prairie Thistle          Anna- April 1988
Dawning Glory                              Diana 554
Decke Lili                              Old German Pattern                    
Ebbtide                                        Phildar Handcrafts
Evergreen                              My Own Design
Falling Leaves                    My Own Design
FanciWorks                              Coats & Clark # 267   1976
Fancy Feathers                    Burda Lace Special 554
Fifth Dimension                    Can't find
Filgrane Spritz/Filagree          Diana 995-42
Filigree Leaf                              Diana 794-28 
Floral Wheel                              Workbasket February 1967
Frankie's Dream                              My Original Design
Frosted Ferns                    Doilies # 201  1943
Gothic Cobweb                    Doilies # 163 1941/ Rachel Schelling
Governor's Lady                    Doilies # 163 1941
Harmony                              Diana 1251 or 449
Hearts a' Fludder                    My Own Design
Helblaus                              Diana 643
Hemlock Ring                    J.P. Coats
Japanese Garden                    Sent to me, just a sheet
Kari                                        Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace II
Lacy Daisy                              Workbasket June 1956
Laurel                                        Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace II
LilacTime                                        Marianne Kinzel 2nd Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Lilactime Runner                    Marianne Kinzel 2nd Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Lily Pond                              Burda 198
Lizabeth                              Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace II
Magic Lock                              Gloria Penning Old World Treasures
Maple Leaf Crochet          
Mariposa                              Rachel Schnelling Art of Lace Knitting # 5   1959
Millpond                              Coats & Clark # 197
Minettara                              Anna Burda January 1985
Mini-Mari                              Rachel Schnelling Art of Lace Knitting # 5
Minrosa/Fantasia                    Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace II
Oak Leaf                              Sent to me, just a sheet
Octagon                              Coats & Clark #174
Old South  Crochet          
Orvella                                        Workbasket January 1957
Peacocks Tail                    Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace II
Peggy                                        Knitting Digest March 1997--Don''t think I ever made this
Pineapple Pride          
Pineapple Swirl                    Rachel Schnelling Art of Lace Knitting # 1 1951
Pinecone                                        Doilies in the Modern Manner J&P Coats 297
Prairie Garden                    Diana 198-14
Purl Magic                                        Magic Crochet December 1997
Radiation                                        Desert Sun Coats & Clark, probably
Ring of Hearts                              Rachel Schnelling Art of Lace Knitting # 1 1951
Rose of England                    Marianne Kinzel 2nd Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Rose Petals                              My Own Design from Rose of England
Rosebud                                        A few center rows of Pinecone
Royal Crown                              Dazzling Doilies
Ruthy                                        German Pattern 603/83
Snow Flake                              Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace II
Springtime                              Marianne Kinzel 1st Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Star of the Sea                              Gloria Penning Heirloom lace II
Star of Wheat          
Starlite/Theresa                              DMC Centennial Edition/Gloria Penning
StarLittle                                        Diana 406
Sunflower/ Reannon                              Gloria Penning Heirloom Lace III
SunRay                                        Marianne Kinzel 1st Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Sybelle                                        Gloria Penning Danish Lace Treasures
Thru the Trellis                              Workbasket March 1954
Tri Leaf                                        Coats Sewing Group Knitted Lace # 1230   1976
Tulip                                        McCall's Designs Vol 29
Tulip Star                              Workbasket July 1956
White Caps                              J.P. Coats
White Crystal                              McCalls Designs Vol. 29

Many of these can be found in several different magazines and I tried to list more than 1 source if I knew it.  Also some are published under different names.  I listed both if I had them, and both sources.
Also you may notice many of them come from our friend Gloria Penning.  When I first started compiling a library of doily patterns, I was very lucky to get all her books..